Monday, February 27, 2012

Virginia Beach and Washington D.C. November 2009

I just found a draft of this post that I still want to share. I think it's only half way done, but it's better than nothing.

I had a job interview in Washington D.C. and thought I would extend my travel a week so I could visit my cousins in both D.C. and Virginia Beach, as well as do some sight seeing. I flew in to D.C. and had my interview, then rented a car and drove down to Virginia Beach for the weekend. I got to hang out with my cousin Sean and his wife Kristin. It was the weekend after all the floods so we went to see some of the damage from the storms. I didn't get any pictures, but there was a restaurant that was destroyed that used to have a patio that looked over the ocean that was blown away and the floors collapsed, it was sad. Also, the pictures below are of a pier that had pieces blow away during the storms.

Sean also took me out on his boat so he and a buddy could do some fishing. I got some pictures of the sun setting over the Chesapeake Bay.

We also went down to the Ocean Front. They have this giant statue of King Triton! Actually, it's King Neptune ;)

I also went to Fort Story to see the lighthouses of Cape Henry, the countries defense lookout at the opening of the Chesapeake Bay from enemies.

The left one is the old Cape Henry, the right one is the new Cape Henry.

You can pay a small amount to climb to the top of the old Cape Henry, and I did. There was a naval ship in the background when I got to the top.

Then I headed back to D.C. and on my way stopped at Yorktown and Williamsburg.

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